Top features of VOPI MMS for businesses

Ivr setup provides a range of features in the traditional phone system such as making a call, voice mail, text messages, and many more. These all the functions are helpful to improve the communication and also help to manage the business calls effectively. Apart from this, voip mms also provide the simplest way to communicate and connect the customer with the business. For example, if you are in the office or any other area of the world, you can get the whole information regarding your business with the help of mms messaging and SMS. Apart from this, you can also be changing the business requirement by operating the business using the VoIP service. Several features are helpful to manage the calls from your home or office. These all the features are described in the following paragraphs.


Call answering

By answering the calls you can stay in touch with the other clients and also able to get information regarding the business. In addition, you can make the call by clicking the name of the client. Moreover, you can also dial the full number of the customer to communicate.

Call forwarding

It is also an important option and is used for forwarding the call from one person to another. In addition, users also have to set up the function of the forwarding call and also enter the number in the forwarding option where the user wants to forward the calls. Apart from this, users can also forward voice messages and other emails.

Group call

By using the group call option, users can share the incoming call with their other colleagues. By joining the group call, they can discuss the business without any kind of problem in other words, users can also forward the call to another group for communication.

Call park and retrieve

Users can also place the call on hold when they have indulged in another activity. In addition, when the call is parked the user can use the unique code to retrieve the data from one user to another user. Moreover, with the help of the code, anyone can access the data with the help of applications and other support services.

Caller ID

The caller id is given the identity to the customer. Whenever users make a call in the call center then their identity is verified by the organization. Such as the name of the user and the address of that user and many more. Furthermore, with the help of the caller ID, all the information can be accessed by the user.

 Call blocking                                                                              

If the number is in the block list then the call from that number cannot be ringing. But the history of that calling will be displayed in the call history of the block list.


It is also featured to access the information. In which, the message send by mms text and it can be accessed by the internet. Texting is also a biggest way to improve the status of the business.